About Us


John and I live in Keenesburg Colorado and have had dachshunds for over 17 years. 

After many years of us going to dog shows we started to get interested in showing and purchased our first "show dog".
Our first "show girl" was a miniature smooth from Canada. 
After a year or so we
learned that she just wasn't the show quality we had hoped she would be. 

About that same time, our friends Sherry Ceplius and Pam Gale were having a litter of
longhair pups and talked me into looking at them even if I wasn't interested in the idea of  grooming one.  Well I fell in love with this little black and tan boy and after all was said and done we were also blessed with his little dapple sister to go with him.
The rest is history as they say........

John and TerriLynn Carlson